Wednesday, December 31, 2008


i am never drinking coffee after 4 pm again. since i can't fall asleep...i'll talk about this past year since technically it's the last day!

i was going to post pictures to sum up 2008 but changed my mind. now that i think about it, i'm not too fond of this past year. i lost my grandpa, got my heart broken multiple times, found out my dad has to move to chicago for work, broke everything i owned (including 2 cameras, my phone, laptop, and ipod), broke up with the gym, became broke, and to top it off, lakers got raped in the nba finals.

so good riddance to 2008. bring on 2009.

things i'm looking forward to in 2009:
- sushi food battle of the century
- multiple vegas trips (including one for my slice's 21st in june)
- less classes for the last 2 quarters
- spending time with my gfs before senior year is over and we part ways
- graduating college!
- getting $1,000 from my uncle who bet that i couldn't graduate in 4 years
- traveling to places i've never been (including italy, spain, australia, greece, and japan) and revisiting places i have (paris, hawaii, china)
- getting a real job and not being broke
- moving back up north

new year's resolution:
no, it's not to be less of a bitch, or spend less money, or go to the gym everyday, or eat healthier, or be phat. it's not anything like that. it's simple. to be strong. not for my family, not for my friends, not for anyone else but myself. cause people can tell me everything that i want to hear, but at the end of the day, i'm on my own. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

So hurry down the chimney tonight...

Union City is so freakin cold!! I love being home though. I love wrapping presents. And I can't wait to see my girls and family this week.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Things that I'm excited for...

1. Taco Tuesday

2. SCBPE (Sexy Christmas Boat Parade Extragavanza) @ 119 Ruby Ave.

3. Alumni soccer game

4. Family Christmas party @ 3121 Sugar Beet Way

5. ETCS Secret Santa Exchange

6. Trash Secret Santa Exchange

7. Family Christmas party @ Tiffany's house

8. Seeing family & friends

9. Holiday "cheer"

10. all the FOOD.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


"And we know it's never simple,
Never easy.
Never a clean break, no one here to save me.
You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand,
And I can't,
Without you,
But I have to,
Without you,
But I have to."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This ain't a fairytale

I'm sick of school. I want to graduate so I can go here:

and here:

and here:

and so I can go back here:

and here:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

10 Reasons Why I Love the Holidays:

1) Pumpkin everything and anything is available this time of year. Pumpkin spice lattes/fraps..pumpkin muffins...pumpkin bagels/cream cheese...pumpkin pancakes...and pumpkin pie just to name a few

2) Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, honey baked ham, cranberry sauce, green beans, sweet potatoes/yams, mashed potatoes & gravy, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cheesecake, etc.

3) Sending/receiving Christmas cards

4) Being able to wear sweaters/jackets/scarves/mittens/long socks/boots

5) Winter break = almost a month off from school

6) Wrapping presents for everyone

7) Secret Santa with my fave girls

8) Christmas songs on the radio & Christmas movies on tv

9) Being able to see friends you haven't seen all year

10) Most importantly...spending a ton of time with FAMILY

Sunday, October 19, 2008

BeanCheese&Rice Burritos

Now that our place is pretty much put together, (by put together I just mean that we have decent curtains) I think it's time for some pictures...

Went to SB last weekend to watch Jody play for Cal in a soccer tournament then home for my grandma's birthday dinner. It was good seeing family :)

This weekend I did 4 loads of laundry and had my first day at work! Also I am officially a CHOC volunteer in the physical therapy and rehab department. Wooo! Also, I have had about 15 burritos in the last 2 weeks.

Friday, September 26, 2008


country music = love.

- i get to volunteer at CHOC soon. went in for my last TB screening today. now all i have to do is get it read on monday and set up an interview to get scheduled for a regular shift. i can't wait to work with the kids. hopefully they'll have room in physical therapy/rehab. oh i also got my flu vaccine today. woooo.

-first official home game for the guys tonight. we are now 7-0-2. i can definitely work with that.

-tomorrow = GRE's. i'm probably not completely ready but oh well. we'll see what happens. i mean how much can you really expect from me for a 4 hour test? geez.

-i have my fall schedule pretty much set. it's not gonna be easy but it won't be too hard.

-i have an interview with a little clothing store on the island next tuesday...hopefully they give me the job cause i need $$$ now. rent is due and my credit card bill is huge. jhdfuihduifsuinsjdsndsd.

-i watched the season premiere of grey's last night and i have fallen in love with the show yet again. i think after 2 years of not watching, it's time to tune in. i'm also very excited for DH to start again.

-my dad is moving to chicago this winter for his job. it's gonna be a big change but we'll make it work. good thing i'm moving back home after i graduate.

-i should go to bed now. gnight.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My weekend at home was short...but nice. Got to spend some QT with a lot of people. he has the same birthday as his dad!

oh farhad.

Our house isn't exactly at its full potential yet...but it's getting there. We just need to unpack the rest of the the boxes in the living room, actually set up our washer and dryer, and get new curtains. Other than that, it's pretty great. Here's pictures of the outside/views from the ferry haha. I'll put up pictures of the inside when it's all fixed up.

Now let me tell you what I have planned out for tomorrow. First thing I'm going to do is go to the store to get water and toothpaste. Then to the ARC because I haven't been there in close to 2 weeks and that is definitely a problem. While I'm at the ARC, I'll pick up my paycheck...which won't be as big as the recent ones since summer camps ended a long time ago...but it should still be enough to pay utility bills. After that, I'll come back and look for job on the island. There's a help wanted sign at the candy store I wanted to work at so maybe they'll hire me. Then I have to finish the little worksheet CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange) sent me since volunteer orientation is tomorrow. I'm excited to work with the kids. It's a little far but I'm sure it'll be worth it. I should probably continuing studying for the GRE's tomorrow since I'm taking them in less than 2 weeks. Oh yea, I also need to buy a desk for under $50. No wait, under $35.

Oh shit I forgot to document my newest Kobe encounter in my last post. So I shall do it now. So I was working men's soccer practice last week and Kobe was in our training room yet again. Next thing I know he's walking out on the field with Ryan, one of our asst. basketball coaches, to get to the track. So I'm sitting there...watching them practice and helping them shag balls cause I'm so damn bored. I get up to get one and kick it back to one of the goals they're doing drills at. I turn back to walk toward my little golf cart and

Kobe says: "Niiice one."
Me: "Thaanks. :)"
Kobe: "Like Beckham."
Me: "Haha, yeaa right."
Kobe: "It was Beckham-esque."

Then I laugh, he laughes, and he's on his way. Later on, I have to go inside the training room to get a shark for the guys. I walk in, and he's sitting at one of the tables, getting ready to ice. This is when he calls me "Beckhams." Okay that's all. It was great.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

1) Balboa Island is perfect. We all have our own rooms. Our living room is huge even with the couches. Speaking of those damn couches, tell me why we (the people pictured below) were able to get those gigantic things plus our beds and everything else inside the house BY OURSELVES. It's probably cause we're amazing. We're thinking about starting our own business..themed movers. We'll dress up to a theme of your choice AND move your shit. Even better, Newport is just a ferry ride away.

we conquer damn near-impossible moving-in feats. comeseeus.

my not-yet-decorated room. but isn't it wonderful already? i also need to get a desk.

2) I came home yesterday for the weekend. It's works out cause soccer is away in Alabama this weekend so I don't have to work practice. Oh yea, my fingers are raw and my back is broken in 834890 places from taping ankles at the soccer tournament yesterday. BUT i made $45 from taping on top of the hourly rate we get paid to be there anyway. Just lovely. I was able to make Christina's going-away dinner. My hottie cousin is leaving for Santa Barbara next weekend.

all 10 of the kids on my dad's side. our grandpa would definitely be proud. :)
we used to shoot commericals and have spectacular fashion shows in our living rooms.

3) Today I get to see at least 2 of my ETCS girls and then Deepy's Bday BBQ in the afternoon. Happy 21st Birthday BRO! Now you can finally use your own I.D. Haha.

4) Dentist appointment tomorrow. I better not have any cavities. I don't know...I haven't exactly been flossing daily. I know. Unbelievable. I also finally get to see Ms. Brooklynn Grace Cole tomorrow. And S.B. I better see you today. Mmm YoSwirl.

More pictures later. I need to get ready.

Monday, September 8, 2008


don't try to change something that doesn't want to be changed. everything happens for a reason.

-last final and a 6-8 page paper due tomorrow. 1.5 pages done. 50% ready for final. how exciting.
-we're finally moving to balboa on wednesday. my own room. now THAT'S exciting.
-men's soccer is still undefeated and i love working with the team. probably cause it's soccer!
-i miss the family. saturday was candice and frank's anniversary. <3 jody made the women's club soccer team at cal!
-i've been eating like shit lately and it needs to stop. borderline high triglycerides is def. not the business. BUT my new purple asics should help.
-i also need to stop spending money like it grows on trees. rent is going to be a lot more starting NOW. maybe after season ends and i get a job on the island, i'll be able to spend to my heart's content. #1 on my list of things to buy list: beach cruiser.
-i love getting paid to tape ankles at soccer tournaments.
-being "president" for the sportsmed club is a lot more work than i thought it'd be and school hasn't even started yet.
-the best parts of summer so far = vegas, cabo (cantina), newport, corona del mar, la ventina's, and benihana's

pictures later.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh yes.

I had to JAB. I know you understand. This is how much I miss you. Haha besides, they're beautiful.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Who wants to write when you can use pictures?! July is obviously the best month of the year for many reasons. Actually there's one important one. My birthday. Sorry there's so many. Deal with it.

Come see us.

We love naked fish and naked fish loves us. Always.Some of fave girls came over with a bomb ass cake&presents the night before. I must also mention that we play scattergories like no other group has ever played.
And now for this piece of work. There are no words. (but doesn't he remind you somewhat of a duck? haha i love him all the same.)
Mr. smiths with again, some of fave girls. basically we went in, got drinks. drank them. ate some pretzels. and left.
then went to Temple in sf
going... going...
gone. The next night, went out to the Vault in sj with some of my soccer girls. Hadn't seem them in close to 2 years.
Left wing her, right wing me. "CROSS IT!"

ebar with cheri, brooklynn, and peace. They love nif and i love them haha

Okay time to show you the people i worked with 4-5 days a week for the past month at the physical therapy clinic I interned at in sf.

This is Irene, my fave front desk person.
My auntie Mei and Pansy
Chun, one of the PTs
Dorothy, the PT that owns the place, she's 61 but she acts like she's 30.
Cindy, the one i shadowed, who is really nice and doesnt speak any chinese so i translated for her. Which was NOT easy haha

Lunch with my grandma
this is when my grandma decided that we should all go to church with her
So...this sunday, I get up and decide to take a run outside cause well I hadn't worked out in a I start running on dyer...about to turn onto whipple, near the railroad thing i know, my hands are out in front of me, and my knee hits the ground and im sure I rolled. no tumbled. So im sitting there and this is what I see more or less, except less bloody cause the cut was still fresh. Anyways I wanted to keep running but I couldn't cause the blood was trickling haha. After i took a shower, it didnt look bad at all. The bruises are from falling elsewhere. We won't mention where. But i didnt really care about my knee cause there was dirt stuck under the skin of my palms! Hella gross and they got all swollen and probably infected cause I could't get it out. But they're better now.

Okay thats more than enough. I still need to shower and pack. We're leaving at 5am tomorrow. Crap. But im excited! Hopefully irvine's warmer. I get to work sports med first aid for my fave sport tomorrow. Yes. Baseball. Haha not. At least i get paid! Ok bye.

R.I.P. Grandpa, I love and miss you very much. I'll visit and bring you flowers soon, I promise.