Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pimp Juice

Laundry all day.

Vegas was the shit. XS @ the Encore is the nicest club I've ever been in.

Ashley's birthday was great!

All-Star game today!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have a midterm tomorrow. That's why I'm on here.

My dad just called me. He moved to Chicago on Monday. Just talking to him on the phone almost made me cry. He asked when I'd be coming home next. I told him spring break cause I knew he was going to come back at that time. I remember when me and Jody were little and how every night before we went to bed, he'd stay up and tell us bedtime stories he had made up by himself. And how'd we never want to go to bed cause we wanted to hear more. You wouldn't think so now, but we used to be daddy's little girls. It's sad that we've grown apart from him. It's going to be so weird to come home and not have him there. I could tell in his voice that he was sad. I would hate to have to leave my entire family and live somewhere else all by myself for at least 2 years. And it's freaking freezing over there right now. Maybe I'll apply to PT schools in Chicago.

Me and Christine ordered our cap & gowns yesterday and scheduled appointments for graduation portraits. I can't believe we're graduating in 4 months. I'm excited but scared at the same time. But then again, I can't wait to be done with school for at least a couple months. My dad was saying my grandma's going to come to my graduation. Well duh. If I only get 4-5 tickets, she's first on my list. I wish my grandpa could be there.

Some Reasons to Love February:
-it's Black History month! (I ♥ BP)
-almost all expense paid trip to VEGAS in 2 days
-gf's 22nd birthday
-ms. Jenny Kim's 23rd birthday
-Angeliza's 22nd birthday
-Jody's 19th birthday. wow that sounds so young.
-intramural volleyball (let's just say I am an amazing talent)