Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family Business

It feels so good to be home. I get to see my mom's side of the family today and then my dad's side tomorrow.

I got back yesterday afternoon and the first thing I did was visit my grandpa. It felt so weird. I couldn't help but tear up. Damn I'm tearing up just typing this out. The day of his funeral was seriously the saddest day of my life. I had never cried like that before. It felt like my heart was in a million pieces that day.

I had gotten it partially for him, but actually seeing the character of our last name on his tombstone just gave it that much more meaning. Tomorrow would have been his 90th birthday.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I've never been able to see more clearly.

"Shame, shame, shame on you...look who's lookin like a fool."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


- i come on here everytime i have homework to do but don't want to do it

- i have 2 new penpals. lydia ann wong and sarah ann brown. yes they have the same middle name. i love writing and receiving letters. even if your middle name isn't ann, you can still be my penpal. just let me know. i have really cool stationary.

- i had my first midterm of the quarter today.

- i now officially hate school cause it made me miss most of the inauguration this morning. I had to stop watching in the middle of aretha singing. (i really want to borrow her hat btw. SO cool)

-i'm really excited to go home for chinese new year. i miss my family.

-i love texting.

-we have such a great president.

Friday, January 16, 2009



Monday, January 12, 2009

Summer in January

According to, it's 86 degrees in Newport Beach. This is great! I'm supposed to be writing my postlab. Instead, I cut my nails and put the finishing touches on your letter ditch. It's so nice outside.

Now I need to type out what I came on here to say and do my homework.

Life is unfair. Deal with it. You don't always get what you want. But that doesn't mean you should sit there and dwell on it. Don't try to change something that doesn't want to be changed. It is what it is. Just let shit be.

she likes to front and act like she doesn't love it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heavier Things

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to not to feel a certain way, you can't help but to feel that way. It doesn't make sense and you hate yourself for it, but there's nothing you can do. You try and fight it, tell yourself that it's irrational and ridiculous. But in the end, you end up getting hurt.

Sometimes you try so hard to run away from something that you don't see it catch up with you from behind. So don't fight it. Go through the motions. Feel the way your heart wants you to feel. Yeah, you might get hurt but take it as a lesson. Learn from your mistakes. Follow your heart.

In other news, school starts tomorrow. I don't think I'm dreading it as much as most people are. Maybe it's because I'm only taking 12 units. (Well 16 if you count that online class) I have stats, cell bio and hopefully that psych class if I can get in despite the extremely long waitlist. I still can't believe I'm graduating this year. During freshman year, 2009 felt so far away.

I made up with the ARC today. It was great. Lakers are on fire. No surprise there. I have fallen in love with tea. All kinds but namely green tea w/brown rice and pure chamomile. My winter break wasn't what I expected it to be but that doesn't mean it wasn't great. I definitely needed a break from school and I got to spend time with people that I rarely get to see. I'm really thankful for the relationships I have with the people back home and the fact that they're there for me when I need them the most. I need to go to bed. Good night.